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Climate restoration projects need oversight and accountability.

The Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board (CRSGB) is a non-profit organization formed to ensure that climate restoration projects are safe, legal, effective, transparent, and achieve wide ethical consensus.


The Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board is an interim, transitional body providing initial review and certification of projects capable of making a significant impact towards restoring global CO2 and methane to pre-industrial levels.

The CRSGB intends, with the help of additional experts now being recruited, to review, recommend revisions, and certify the relevant projects until such time as a recognized international body is established. It will do this with technical input from scientists, safety experts, and environmental lawyers, along with ethical input from indigenous groups, faith leaders, youth, and other stakeholders, to publicly evaluate projects for safety, efficacy, and wide ethical consensus.

For certified projects, it will maintain monitoring throughout the project’s lifetime to ensure safety, efficacy, and legal compliance.

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Sustainable Energy
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Frozen Land
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Solar Panels
WIne Turbines

We Provide Oversight & Accountability

We provide accountability for the safety and stakeholder needs of projects that restore the climate and reduce greenhouse gases concentration to pre-industrial levels.

  • We review implementation plans on safety and ethical grounds, with input from local and indigenous groups, and work with project teams to make sure important needs are met. 

  • Observing Organizations have the opportunity to query and interact with project reviewers and applicants

  • We issue a Certificate when proposed projects meet the criteria.

  • We monitor to ensure that projects remain within scope, and suspend or withdraw the Certificate if they don’t. 

  • We publish the information on our website to allow observing organizations and stakeholders to raise concerns and propose ways to address them.

We Monitor Impact & Measure Progress

Success is measured by the progress in reducing atmospheric CO2 and methane levels over five years with no long-term negative side effects. Failure would be indicated by the formation of opposition groups that block climate restoration progress and/or the work of the CR Safety & Governance Board. Implicit in that success measure is the assumption that any undesired side-effects of the projects are detected and either corrected rapidly or compensated.

Trees From Above

WhoWe Are

Peter Fiekowsky

Chairman, Advisory Board

Efraim Wyeth


Advisory Board

Ilana Maimon

Advisory Board Member

Bill Twist

Advisory Board Member

Jim Lerner

Advisory Board Member

Durwood Zaelke

Advisory Board Member

Yoni Sappir

Advisory Board Member

Ted Suss

Advisory Board Member

Carole Douglis

Advisory Board Member

Ilan Mandel

Founding CEO

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